Levelo For iPhone 14 Pro Max Morphix Clara Gripstand IMD Clear Back -Black


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Levelo For iPhone 14 Pro Max Morphix Gripstand PU Leather Case - Black
Brand  Levelo
Color Black
Compatibility iPhone 14 Pro Max
Grip Stand Yes


  • IMD Clear Back Case 
  • Grip Stand
  • Drop & Bumper Protection
  • Easy Snap-On
  • Slim Profile
  • Lifted Ring Case
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7") Compatibility


The iPhone 14 Levelo case is designed to enhance the elegance and refinement of your device.

Your phone is completely protected from scratches and damage with the IMD clear back case.

The case has bumper protection, lifted ring casing, and drop protection to guard against scratches and damage.

The easy snap-on feature and raised screen edge safeguard your camera and screen.

The grip stand feature offers you a multi-functional case as you can easily grip your phone or use it as a stand while video calling your loved ones. 

All ports, cameras, buttons, and speakers are completely and easily accessible due to the perfect cuts.

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