Anker Alkaline AA Batteries 4-Pack

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Anker Alkaline AA Batteries 4-Pack

Anker Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries

Brought to you by the global leaders in mobile power.

A battery series with a 10-year shelf life, designed for universal compatibility and superior safety.

  • Premium Components Ensure Superior Safety

  • PowerLock Ring Seals Energy Inside for Lasting Power

  • 10-Year Shelf Life

  • Long-Lasting Power with Adaptive Technology


Lasts for a Decade

Buying batteries in bulk never made more sense. Anker Alkaline batteries can sit on the shelf for up to 10 years without losing their power.


Adaptive Power

These batteries are optimized for a variety of different devices; allowing for improved efficiency and universal compatibility.


Superior Safety

Built with premium components and advanced engineering to provide superior protection for you and your devices.


High Capacity

Other batteries deliver only about 80% of what they claim. Anker batteries provide every second of power possible for an alkaline battery.



With their 10-year shelf life and safe, leakproof design, Anker Alkaline batteries stand ready to assist in any emergency; powering everything from weather radios to flashlights.


The Anker Advantage

Reliable power. Leading technology. Join our family of over 30 million happy users, and change the way your power your devices.

Anker Alkaline Batteries

The Premium AA Batteries with PowerLock Technology

Brought to You By Anker​

From high-speed chargers to cables that last for life, to batteries equipped with a PowerLock ring that keeps power sealed away for a decade; Anker is the global leader in mobile power.

Adaptive Power​

Anker batteries deliver only the power your device requires—no more, no less. This means that they work flawlessly with any device that takes AA/AAA batteries.


An interlocking mechanism and sturdy rubber seal prevent all leaks and ingress into each battery's essential components. PowerLock keeps all the power safely inside the battery's casing until it's ready to be used.

Power for a Decade

Anker batteries retain their power for up to 10 years, but ordinary batteries suffer from constant passive power loss, making Anker the superior choice. Buying batteries in bulk has never made so much sense.

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