MOFT X for iPhone 13 Pro Max Snap Magsafe Case - Cool White


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MOFT X for iPhone 13 Pro Max Snap Magsafe Case - Cool White
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2x Stronger Magnetic Strength

"In our testing, Moft's case sticks more firmly than Apple's own, which costs nearly twice as much." - The Wall Street Journal.

An overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 awarded by MacWorld.


Enhances Magsafe Accessories

MagSafe Experience Made Smoother

A better experience using the Stand & Wallet bred the idea of the MOFT Snap Case. As the 1st case in MOFT's Snap System, it goes beyond providing protection, making MagSafe accessory stack as firm as fun.

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Product Supporting Image

Simple But Special

Timeless White, Tranquil Black

With the multi-layer In-Mold Decoration technique employed, the color is decorated on second layer with another translucent layer on top, making the white/black can't help but glimmering out of the glasslike surface.

Minimalist, Neutral, Balanced Design

Minimal, Clean Style

Sleek lines, sporting clear edges and windows on the side of camera bump and in the middle, it enables the native color of your phone to shine through while setting a neutral tone to complement your daily style.

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Product Supporting Image

Take Care Your Camera Lens

5ft Drop, No Worries

Raised edges and camera ring, the case is drop tested from 5ft. It absorbs shock from the industrial PC frame, keeping your phone safe and sound while maintaining easy-to-carry slimness.

The Ultimate Magsafe Everyday Carry

A Secure Minimal Carry with MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet

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