Nite Ize Dual CamJam Tie Down System 12 FT

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Nite Ize Dual CamJam Tie Down System 12 FT

Product Information

The Dual CamJam 1" Webbing Tensioner is the ultimate tie-down tool, allowing you to create your own tie down or connection solution with most 1" webbing. When paired with our high quality 1” polypropylene webbing available in several lengths and featuring an integrated loop on one end, you have the complete tie-down system. The durable zinc alloy Dual CamJam buckle features two separate cam locking mechanisms, allowing you to slide the buckle and position it just about anywhere in your configuration. The proprietary design creates the ability to tighten the webbing strap in either a straight line or looped configuration, providing the ultimate in versatility and strength.

This system can be used in two ways: a fixed end configuration or a traditional loop configuration. Watch our how-to video in the instructions tab below see them in action. In the fixed end configuration, the integrated webbing loop allows for easy attachment of the strap to an anchor point while the loose end can be placed over or looped around your gear and around the other anchor point. Cam 1 allows you to easily slide it onto the webbing and adjust the buckle placement easily and securely within your configuration. Complete your configuration by wrapping the strap around your load and other anchor point, then inserting the webbing end through Cam 2 to easily tension the load in place. This set up uses half as much webbing as traditional tie down straps in a looped configuration and creates a 3-to-1 mechanical advantage—what we call Tension Boost Technology™. For example, you only need to apply 50 pounds of force to achieve a 150 pound result, making Dual CamJam a simpler solution to complicated ratcheting cam straps.

 Premium quality die-cast zinc alloy Dual CamJam tensioning mechanism with nickel plate finish

Use tensioner with most 1" webbing (thickness .045"- .090" |1.14mm - 2.28mm), no sewing required

Working load limit: 600 lbs

Break Strength: 1800 lbs

Heavy duty tie down system available in several lengths

High strength, high density 1" polypropylene webbing with integrated bar tacked end loop

Sewn-in, color-coded + numerically labeled strap tags allow for easy identification of strap length

Working load limit - Fixed End Configuration: 400 lbs

Working load limit - Loop Configuration: 530 lbs

Cam 1: Position + Lock | Cam 2: Tighten + Secure

Works two ways: Fixed End Configuration + Loop Configuration

Webbing Tensioner:

Dimensions: 1.38" x 2.14" x .89" | 35mm x 54mm x 23mm

Weight: 4.1oz | 116g

8’ Strap:

Dimensions: 1.38" x 96" x 0.85"  | 35mm x 2438.5mm x 22.5mm

Weight: 6.46oz | 183g


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