Nite Ize SlideLock® Carabiner Stainless Steel #3 - Stainless

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Nite Ize SlideLock® Carabiner Stainless Steel #3 - Stainless

This lightweight, colorful aluminum carabiner features an innovative slide-to-lock mechanism on the gate to keep your items secure. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, it can connect, hold, or carry anything from keys to water bottles to gear.
At Nite Ize, we believe no product is too small or basic to be improved. Exhibit A: the classic utility carabiner. We took a hard look at this ubiquitous device and saw two good opportunities to make it more efficient. We designed an innovative slide-to-lock feature that securely locks the gate with a simple push-and-slide movement and unlocks just as easily. Then, instead of a bulky tubular construction, we designed a cross sectioned, rectangular body that's durable, low profile, and slim; it feeds more easily through smaller openings and rests flat in pockets. Available in stainless steel or colorful aluminum, the SlideLock Carabiner is sold in a variety of sizes to carry a wide range of items.
Stainless steel gate with slide-to-lock mechanism
Cross-sectioned rectangular body
Available in colorful aluminum or stainless steel
Individually weight rated
Size #2:
Dimensions: 1.1" x 1.7" x 0.3" | 28mm x 44mm x 8.5mm
Weight: .2oz | 7g
Weight Rating: 10lbs. | 4.5kg
Size #3:
Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.3" x .4" | 38mm x 59mm x 10mm
Weight: .45oz | 14g
Weight rating: 25lbs. | 11kg
Size #4:
Dimensions: 2" x 3.1" x .4" | 50mm x 78mm x 11mm
Weight: 1.0oz | 29g
Weight Rating: 75lbs. | 34kg
Size #6:
Dimensions: 3" x 4.6" x .6" | 75mm x 117mm x 15mm
Weight: 3.0oz | 84g
Weight Rating: 100lbs. | 45kg

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