Samsung For Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover - Black


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Samsung For Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover - Black
Brand Samsung
Model Number EF-PS908TBEGWW
Color Black
Accessory For Samsung Phone
Product Type Mobile Phone Cases, Silicone Cover
Compatibility Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Soft on your hands

As comfortable as it is stylish, the Silicone Cover adds a soft touch to the outside of your phone. The silky matte finish lets you grip your phone for hours.

A buffer against bumps

Made of soft silicone, this case cradles your phone in sleek protection from left to right, top to bottom. The slim form factor doesn't add bulk, so although it helps prevent damage, it still easily fits in your pocket or bag.

Color choices for any style

Pick a hue that matches your phone, or select a contrasting shade for a fashionable look. There are a range of colors to choose from, so you can even pick up a few and swap them out based on your mood or outfit.

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