Samsung For Galaxy S22 Ultra Smart View Flip Cover - Black


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Samsung For Galaxy S22 Ultra Smart View Flip Cover - Black
Brand Samsung
Model Number ZS908CBEGWW
Color Black
Accessory For Samsung Phone
Product Type Smart View Flip Cover
Compatibility Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Helps keep your phone clean

Treated with an antimicrobial coating, the S-View Flip Cover has protection against microbial growth to help keep your case clean.

Use your phone, screen unseen

Stay on top of alerts and notifications even without opening the cover. Icons keep you aware of what you need to know, like messages, battery life, time and more.

Easy control at a tap

Use your phone without laying a finger on the screen. Touch the cover to do basic functions like answering or rejecting calls, and pressing pause on your music.

Cutting-edge design

A clear strip along the side of the cover lets your phone peek out. It also adds a sleek touch to the design of the case.

Protected from one side to the other

With the flip cover on the front and the case on the back, the S-View Flip Cover surrounds your phone to safeguard it. It even fits snugly to secure the exterior parts, like the camera and buttons.

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