Ugreen Desktop USB Microphone


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Ugreen Desktop USB Microphone

Model Number 10934
Color Black
Compatibility PC Devices and Mobile Phones
Product Type Microphone
Warranty 18 Month

For players, students, students and people working remotely - a microphone that perfectly picks up sounds from all directions. The device will be a useful gadget during videoconferences, online meetings and exams or online games.

Highlights of the Ugreen Desktop Microphone:

360 ° omni- directional microphone - picks up sounds around you, so you don't have to speak directly into the microphone for the interlocutor to hear you

The DSP noise reduction module, which isolates background noises, guarantees high sound quality

Adjustable microphone angle allows for individual adjustment

One-touch microphone mute

Compatible with Windows and macOS

2 m cable

Adapts to your needs
Omni-directional (omni-directional) microphone picks up sounds evenly from all directions. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the microphone - by as much as 60 degrees up and down. So you don't have to bow your head or even face the device. The sound will be just as clear on all sides.

Compatible with a variety of hardware
You can use the microphone on laptops and tablets with both Windows and macOS ( Apple computers). The device connects to the USB port and, importantly, does not need an additional driver. The sound transmission will be stable and lag-free.

For study, work and online games
The microphone will come in handy in many situations, e.g. during online meetings, student exams or online games. You can put it on your desk or take it in your hand - a 2 m long cable will ensure comfortable use.

Loud and clear
There is a special button on the base of the device that instantly mutes the microphone. This is a particularly useful solution, e.g. during a videoconference in which more people participate. In addition, the built-in intelligent DSP noise reduction system isolates outside noise - so the sound quality will be perfect.

Comfortable and stable
The device has a stable structure. The silicone pad and a properly balanced center of gravity guarantee that the microphone will not tip over and damage the desk or table. The sand-blasted outer shell is scratch-resistant and won't collect fingerprints.


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