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whoosh screen cleaner, tech hygiene, next generation of clean, good for all screens, non toxic


WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner, Good for all screens


WHOOSH is a leading specialty cleaning products manufacturer in North America.

WHOOSH Screen Shine is the next generation clean specifically designed to keep all your smartphone & consumer electronic screens clean and make them shine like new!

WHOOSH! Non Toxic Screen Cleaner


Your family, your device, and the environment are all important to us. Did you know that everything you touch ends up on your fingers ? Which is why we designed a product that is free of alcohol, ammonia, dyes, VOCs, and fragrances that you can use on all your tech devices

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner 99.9% Clean


WHOOSH! MAKES YOUR SCREEN CLEANER – Proven to leave your screen surface 99.99% clean of dust, dirt, oil, and gunk. That’s really clean!

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner, Microfiber Cloth



Our premium ultra-soft microfiber cloths are specifically designed for cleaning electronic devices. All our cloths are treated with Protx2 technology. The cloth can also be machine washed up to 50 times. (no dryer or fabric softener)



Everything you touch ends up on your phone! Let's face it, we use our tech devices everywhere: the restroom, the gym and where we eat. WHOOSH! is the next generation of clean and our products make it easy for you to clean your devices on the go. Join us leading the Tech Hygiene Revolution !

Powerful screen cleaner specifically designed to clean your cell phone and other tech screens and make them shine like new

  • The proprietary formula leaves an invisible coating that resists dust, dirt, oils, and fingerprints

  • Safe for all screens and devices; will not scratch or damage screens

  • Non-toxic and odorless formula with no harmful residue; alcohol- and ammonia-free

  • 1 bottle of Screen Shine Pocket (0.3 fl oz/30 mL)

  • 1 bottle of Screen Shine XL (3.4 fl oz/100 mL)

  • 2 antimicrobial microfiber W! cloths (6 x 6 in/15 x 15 cm)

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